12/16 inch fan: efficient ventilation for greenhouses and homes.

Generate low voltage, high volume air circulation for your attic, storage container or workspace. The 12 and 16 inch fan is comprised of a powder coated, carbon steel housing, aluminum blade and low voltage dc motor with replaceable brushes. The fan can be mounted horizontally or vertically, can operate in forward or reverse by switching polarity or speed controlled using our dimmer. Run the fan directly from a solar panel (not included) which eliminates the need of a generator or running ac power over long distances. 


D: 12 or 16 inches H: 6 inches
Mounting: secures to a flat surface via 4, ~.25 inch washers


Voltage: 12-24vdc
6 inch 22/2AWG color coded wires, exiting out the side of the fan housing
Hookup: White=positive+ Black=negative-
Cubic feet per minute: 120 CFM at 12vdc
Consumption: .250mA or 3 watts at 12vdc
Motor brushes: replacement carbon motor brushes are available


Model: 12 inch (12in) or 16 inch (16in)
Voltage: 12-24vdc
Ordering example: 12in-12-24vdc