Dimmer - a low voltage LED dimmer designed for voltage driven LEDs.  

Our dimmer offers 10-100% LED light intensity control with an integrated on/off switch. Did you know that when you dim, you decrease energy consumption while extending LED lifetime? Our dimmer wires inline, between your power source and load, compatible with (low voltage dc) voltage driven LED devices only.


L: 2.7 W: 1.8 H: 1.05 inches (without knob) 1.25 inches (with provided knob) 
Mounting:  D: ~.26 threaded potentiometer shaft


Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
2 position terminal block (16-22AWG) mounted on the topside of the circuit board
Hookup input: Red=positive+ Black=negative-
Hookup output: Yellow=positive+ Green=negative-
Current option a: capable of powering up to a 5A or 60 watts
Current option b: capable of powering up to a 10A or 120 watts


Model: dimmer (d)
Current option: (a) for 5A option or (b) for 10A option
Voltage option: 12 or 24vdc
Ordering example: d-a-12vdc