LVD - protect and prevent batteries from discharge. 


The low voltage disconnect is designed to protect and extend battery life. When battery voltage is at or above ~12.2vdc, the solid state relay remains open. When voltage drops below ~11.7vdc the solid relay closes, disconnecting power from load. 


L: 5 W: 2.7 H: 1 inch
Mounting: 2, D: ~.375 inch mounting holes


Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
4 inch, 18AWG colored coded PVC jacket with wires exiting the 2.5 inch side
Hookup input: Red=positive+ Black=negative-
Hookup output: Yellow=positive+ Green=negative-
Current option a: capable of powering up to a 5A or 60 watts
Current option b: capable of powering up to a 10A or 120 watts


Product code: low voltage disconnect (lvd)
Current option: (a) for 5A option or (b) for 10A option
Voltage 12vdc or 24vdc

Ordering example: lvd-a-12vdc