Nova - a circular stainless steel marine LED fixture for task lighting.

Comprised of a stainless steel housing with 3 way toggle switch and prismatic glass lens, the nova is a marine-grade LED task light. The nova is available in single and (custom) split LED lighting configurations, intended for use in interior and exterior lighting applications.  

Fixture dimensions: D: 5.5 H: 1.5 inches
Lens: prismatic glass lens
Switch: 3 way toggle switch, mounted center side of enclosure
Mounting: flush via 3, ~.125 inch mounting holes

Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
Wire: 12 inch 22/2AWG wire, exiting out center rear
Hookup: positive (+) = red / negative (-) = black

LED: through hole, 5mm
LED count option: 12, 18, 24 or 36 LEDs
LED layout: circular
LED beam angle: ~15 degrees for through hole
Color temperature option: warm white at ~3000K and cool white at ~5000K

Intensity, efficacy, consumption in milliamps (mA) and watts:
12 LED: 102 lumens, 64 lm/W, .132mA or 1.58 watts
18 LED: 153 lumens, 64 lm/W, .198mA or 2.37 watts
24 LED: 204 lumens, ~68 lumens per watt, .250mA or 3 watts
36 LED: 342 lumens, ~77 lumens per watt, .370mA or 4.4 watts

Product code:
Model: Nova (n)
Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
LED count option: 12, 18, 24 or 36
Color temperature option: warm white (ww) or cool white (cw)

Ordering example: n-12vdc-9-ww

Custom options: 
Nova split model(s): 6/6, 9/9, 12/12 and 18/18 LEDs -minimum orders (10 units) required
LED color: red, green, blue, infrared or ultraviolet -minimum order (10 units) required