Outhouse fan - a low profile, low voltage ventilator for restrooms.

The outhouse fan is designed for to ventilate outhouses, composting toilets, portable and permanent restrooms. With a low profile housing that attaches to a 4 inch pipe, protected by bug screen and rain cap, the internal fan is quiet in operation. As an option, the outhouse fan is available with a pre-adjusted 12vdc step down voltage regulator, if the fan is to be powered via source that produces more than 12vdc.


~L: 8 W: 8 H: 8 inches
Mounting: secures to a 4 inch pipe


Voltage: 12vdc or adjustable, see below
Step down voltage regulator option: 4-28vdc to 12.2vdc
6 inch 22/2AWG color coded wires, exiting out the side of the fan housing
Hookup: Red=positive+ Black=negative-
Cubic feet per minute: 120 CFM at 12vdc
Consumption: .250mA or 3 watts at 12vdc


Model: outhouse fan (oh)
Voltage: 12vdc
Voltage regulator option: yes (y) or no (no)
Ordering example: oh-12vdc-y