SSLVD - a photocell activated circuit with integrated battery protection.

The sunrise sunset low voltage disconnect integrates the functions of photocell activated load control with battery protection. When battery voltage is at or above 12.2vdc, the solid state relay is closed, when the voltage drops below 11.7vdc the relay opens, disconnecting the power, made for autonomous installations.


L: 5 W: 2.7 H: 1 inch
Mounting: 2, D: ~.375 inch mounting holes


Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
4 inch, 18AWG colored coded PVC jacket with wires exiting the 2.5 inch side
Hookup input: Red=positive+ Black=negative-
Hookup output: Yellow=positive+ Green=negative-
Current option a: capable of powering up to a 5A or 60 watts
Current option b: capable of powering up to a 10A or 120 watts


Model: sunrise sunset low voltage disconnect (sslvd)
Current option: (a) for 5A option or (b) for 10A option
Voltage 12vdc or 24vdc
Ordering example: sslvd-a-12vdc