3x2x1 brick - a compact LED light made for general off grid lighting. 

Used and specified by the National Park Service, our 3x2x1 brick provides low voltage LED illumination for solar powered structures and restrooms. Sealed within acrylic, the 3x2x1 brick is small, rectangular and a highly adaptable LED light source as it can be extensively modified and/or be made Dark Sky compliant.


L: 3 W: 2 H: 1 inch
Lens option: H: .125 inch clear or diffused acrylic
Mount: 2, D: .25 inch mounting holes


Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
Wire: 12 inch 22/2AWG wire, exiting out center rear
Hookup: positive (+) = red / negative (-) = black


LED: through hole, 5mm
LED count option: 9 or 12 LEDs -additional options available, see below
LED layout: circular
LED beam angle: ~15 degrees
Color temperature option: warm white at ~3000K and cool white at ~5000K


9 LED: 77 lumens, 64 lumens per watt, .100mA or 1.2 watts
12 LED: 102 lumens, 65 lumens per watt, .130mA or 1.56 watts


Model: 3x2x1
Lens option: clear (c) or diffused (d)
Voltage option: 12vdc or 24vdc
LED option: through hole (th)
LED count option: 9 or 12
Color temperature option: warm white (ww) or cool white (cw)
Ordering example: 3x2x1-c-12vdc-th-9-ww


LED count: 6, 18 or 24 LEDs -minimum order (10 units) required
LED color: red, green, blue, infrared or ultraviolet -minimum order (10 units) required
Enclosure: all housing parameters can be modified, please contact us for details