Part LED laboratory, studio, fabrication shop and product incubator.

With over 43 years of manufacturing experience, Holly Solar Products, LLC has the tools and capability to manufacture custom LED lighting products and just about any conceivable lighting or power platform. Family owned, operated and housed within a 4,000 square foot facility in Petaluma, California, we have the machinery, tools and knowledge to design and fabricate your LED platform, product or lighting solution. Holly Solar Products, LLC has been remained successful constant innovation and to this day, we are one of the longest operating, United States based manufacturers of renewable energy equipment.

Easier to spell and pronounce, the Holly in Holly Solar is derived from founder's name, Bill Hollibaugh. A native Californian, Bill Hollibaugh is an artist, inventor and entrepreneur with a BA in Fine Arts and a Lifetime Teaching Credential from The State of California. 

Holly Solar Products was founded in 1974 with the invention of the Holly Hydro Heater; a stainless steel jacket that heated water within wood burning cook stoves. 60,000 units were manufactured by hand over a 25 year production span and to this day it still can be found heating water within many off grid homes. 

During the 1970's back-to-the-land movement, Bill led college courses in Philo, California, titled: Country Skills for Urban Dwellers. In these workshops, he taught the fundamentals of sustainability through conservation. In the 1980's, Bill was a frequent guest of Owen Span on San Francisco’s talk radio station, KGO. During the segment he offered callers solutions on reducing grid reliance, earning him the nickname of Mr. Wilderness. As developments in alternative energy surfaced, Bill began exploring solar photovoltaics. During this period, Suntronics, Holly Solar's solid state control division, manufactured, solar panels, charge controllers, volt meters and red LED lighting for renewable energy companies. Inspired by Nichia's discovery of the blue LED in 1996, followed by their invention of the white LED in 1998, Holly Solar Products switched gears once again to focus on products centered around LED technology.